About us

Euroform has been providing high quality training courses for years. Our goal is not only to train new professionals and giving them the necessary expertise to enter the world of work, but we also aim at the continuous update for professionals, teachers and enterprises. Therefore, we address to a various target audience, which shares the wish of continuous training and the awareness that you never stop learning.

We offer a wide range of distance learning courses which encompass various subjects, including IT, foreign languages, cooking, security on workplace, and address to different customer profiles, such as newly graduated people, unemployed, SMEs, Organizations, teachers, professionals, etc.

Training courses intend to meet different demands and eliminate logistical problems: in facts, thanks to the e-learning platform, you can attend classes from home, your office or other locations, without renouncing to interact with teachers, as in a real class. With Euroform, you can overpass space as well as time limits. Online courses are very practical, so you can access all the course material from any device: you will choose when and where to study!

Our tutors are all skilled, they will assist you in the course you selected and they will help you to wide your knowledge in a particular sector, or deepen a specific topic. Our tutors will support you during all the phases of the course and they will be at your complete disposal for every doubt or need. Their expertise, competence and experience will be an added value in your learning process.

Thanks to our staff constant commitment, we are now a reference point in the sector of vocational training and work services. We can supply our services through two operational offices: one in Rende (in the Region of Calabria) and one in Turin (In the Region of Piedmont). The last one, in particular, is responsible for managing the e-learning platform, and make the content available to new users.

We think that, nowadays, continuing vocational training is more than ever necessary. For this reason, we aim at training new skilled professionals and we guarantee, also to people who already own some qualifications, a continuous update. If you are a youth, a professional or an enterprise and you want to improve your skills in a specific sector, or simply increase your cultural baggage, you can examine our educational offer and sign on the course you prefer: your training is just a click away! 

Surfing our page is simple and intuitive: from the "Catalogue” section you can enter all our courses in two different ways: by selecting the thematic area you are interested in or the user profile you belong to. Since each course has a proper structure, in order to have more information on one singular course and its corresponding program, we suggest you read the related description, by choosing the one which interest you the most.

The ongoing courses are:

  • Security and Safety on the workplace

  • Italian language for foreign people

  • Lithuanian language

  • Italian Cooking

  • Food education

  • Tutor Apprenticeship

In a short while, the other courses in the Catalogue will be also effective.

What are you waiting for? Choose the one which suits you best!